Jill W Holder

The Essence of Memory



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Coat for a Collector - Detail © Jill W Holder 2014

Working on the Intriguerium



Intriguerium (detail)



Shades of the Hollow Shore






Dead Men Live Words



Coat for a Collector (back detail)



Coat for a Collector (detail)



The Indiscriminate Collector



Holder and Lamoon with the

Indiscriminate Collector

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This very exciting show was the culmination of almost a year's residency, when Jill worked in partnership with Bob Lamoon, as part of Holder and Lamoon at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury, Kent.


Really a collection of collections, The Beaney is a superb example of the human passion for collecting things – almost anything it seems!  From ancient artifacts to a two headed chick, from dolls house furniture to African weapons – it is all here, often in miniature:  take the tiny mummified cat that stands in for her human contemporaries.

It was this fascination that Jill and Bob picked up on and chose to explore, explain, enjoy and sometimes lampoon through their work.


More to come...