Jill W Holder


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From time to time Holder makes Artist’s books, sometimes in editions of four. She has also altered found books.


Pictured are:


1. Beach 1992

A small book of poetry written during a trip to Shoreham Lake in 1992 - a childhood haunt.  Covers of driftwood and jetsam collected that day, enclosing linocuts on handmade paper. Poetry printed with the artist's childhood 'John Bull Printing' set. Page at front - 22ct gold leaf square, pocket at back containing dried seaweed and feather.


2. Elements 1993 Edition of 4.  (TBA)

Entirely natural: handmade papers, linen thread, flour and water glue.  Each plate represents one of the classical elements – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Title pages are heavily embossed.  No other materials except pencilled title, date and signature.


3. For Fiora 1994

Handmade paper, poem and precious objects.


4. Life Drawing 2005

Life images, mixed media.

In December of 2005 at 06.01am, a fuel depot in Buncefield, Hertfordshire; the 5th largest in GB, exploded. It spewed fumes and toxic waste over a wide area, causing closure of the M10 and other roads; and damage to houses, factories, offices and schools around the St Albans area. About 2000 people were evacuated and 78 schools were closed. Had it occurred a few hours later into the working day, the number of casualties would have been enormous. It was described as the biggest blaze in peacetime Europe and was reportedly heard in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and could be seen from space.

Meanwhile, Holder was working at a silent drawing retreat in Devon, drawing the human figure, immersed in a different world.

In this book she links the drawings she made with the quotes from the press.

It includes the poem 'Musee des Beaux Arts' by W.H. Auden, about how whilst ordinary life goes on, things of great importance happen, but go unnoticed.


5. A Book of Prayers 2009

Altered Bible. Drawings, collage, additions, remembering birth, death, loss and love. Shown Creek Creative Gallery, Faversham, Kent, UK 2011.


6. Face Book 2010

Mixed media. Hand printed or drawn faces on unprimed canvas in ready made concertina book.


7. The Artist Screams 2011

Silk cover inset with laser image, handmade paper.

Nine laser images of the artist screaming.


8. Words 2013

Trapped in tissue paper these words are laser printed and linked with white thread.  Red altered box.


9. A Soldier’s Bible 2014

Altered Soldier’s Bible from WW1.  Hand drawn images of dead babies on many of the pages.  Mixed media. Shown ‘A Handful of Dust, Margate, Kent, UK 2014, ‘A Handful of Dust’ Chatham, Kent UK 2015.


10. Who am I? 2016

Complicated pocket and slide mechanism reveals mixed media drawings.


'Face Book', 2010. © Jill Holder