Jill W Holder

War – talked about, sung about, written about.  For me there is no glory, nothing to wave flags about, only destruction and decay.  Caught in the middle of every conflict are children. Children. They are starving through associated famine, losing limb or life in attacks, losing their innocence and grace as they are taught to use weapons to kill.


I feel deeply, deeply sad and so frustrated that I can do so little to help: that I have no answers to give.  Maybe each and every child injured, killed or taught warfare should be counted as a war crime – for that is how I see it.  Not just a crime against opposing forces but against all of us.


As I said – sad, frustrated and so helpless.  All I feel able to do, as an artist, is to try to show the absolute waste and misery, and hope that if enough people see and understand and react, that change will start to happen.

A Handful of Dust



Small Flames Extinguished: Mixed media and favours,

J W Holder, 2015-16

Small Flames Extinguished

Mixed media, candles, favours,

©J W Holder 2015-16

A Soldier's Bible

Book, mixed media, paint;

© Jill W Holder 2015-16

Cancelled Shipment

Knitted toys, printed tags, polythene bags;

© Jill W Holder 2015-16


Painted toy planes, bound wood;

© J W Holder 2015-16

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Frame, text excerpt, glass gun, sculpey models;

© Jill W Holder 2015-16

One Hundred Were Named

Many Were Not

Frame, wire, textiles, text;

© Jill W Holder 2015-16