Jill W Holder

The Twelve Days of Christmas.


Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent.


Working with Bob Lamoon


Jill and Bob made figures from the traditional Christmas song and hung them in the pear trees in Abbey Street, Faversham – a favourite site for small interventions by Jill.  Interested in the idea of making Christmas decorations out of that which would normally be thrown away, they recycled tin food cans in simple designs.


They were arranged thus -  one partridge in the first pear tree on the 1st of Dec, two turtle doves in the 2nd tree on the 2nd Dec, three French hens in the 3rd tree on the third of Dec and so on until all the figures were out.  On the 12th of December, all the inhabitants of the Street were invited to join them and carol the trees walking from one to the next as the appropriate verses were sung.  Mulled wine and mince pies were provided by David Selves of the Phoenix Tavern.


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Partridge in a Pear Tree, © J Holder and B Lamoon 2011

zdiscjarvis turtledovejarvis ringjarvis milkmaidjarvis zdrummersjarvis

12 Days of Christmas intervention (below - clockwise from left):

Partridge, Disc, Gold Ring, Milkmaid, 12 Drummers Drumming